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Little Laureates is the preschool brand of Nalanda Learning Systems Pvt. Ltd. (NLS). It was our love for the little ones that led us to establish Little Laureates in 2012. Before starting out with our first school in Rishra, West Bengal,we carried out an extensive research on the subject. We found that conventional teaching techniques were still the order of the day here, while the world around was changing drastically. We decided to change the game and brought modernity to preschool education.

We framed our curriculum based around our motto of 'Play. Learn. Grow.' We believe that little minds learn better in a playful atmosphere and in the process grow up. Thus our curriculum has the right mix of international methods like Montessori and Kindergarten with lots of play and fun time. But what makes it truly modern is the addition of digital smart classes into it. Each of our schools has special digital classes where the children interact with digital study materials and learn in a more engaging manner. This helps them get accustomed to the digital world at such an early age that they grow up digitally smart.

Our responsibility doesn't end there, we make sure that both your kid and you are ready for the big day of admission into a big school at the next level. We also organise special sessions and seminars for the parents, where they are educated on good parenting skills. In fact, you will find in us an extended family and your child will love Little Laureates as home. This love is what has made us grow leaps and bounds in the last five year from 1 to 100 schools across eastern India.

Our Mission

To nurture young minds by providing ample opportunities to play learn and grow in a dynamic, challenging and culturally sound environment. We impart holistic education and firmly believe that each child is unique and learns differently.

Our Vision

To build an education model which will make quality education accessible to all from the grass root level to the top most sections of the society.

We try to enrich the society with our circle of development

director 1

Tamal Mukherjee

Founder Director,
Chairman, ASSOCHAM Education Council: Eastern Region.

Mr. Tamal Mukherjee has spent 16 years with reputed financial services companies in India before starting his entrepreneurial journey in 2008. He was instrumental in establishing branch and franchisee networks for UTI Securities in Eastern India. After experimenting for 4 years with the concept of pre-school, he created a chain of affordable pre schools in West Bengal that has now turned into the brand of Little Laureates. He oversees the day to day operations of the company along with the implementation of the expansion plan. We have created an environment in which young learners can create, invent, construct, investigate, explore, discover, experiment, and learn something new every day. We sow the seeds on fundamental values, and acquaint them with different cultures and deep rooted traditions along with basic curricular activities. At Little Laureates we ensure a safe, stimulating and inclusive environment.”

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Timir Mukherjee

Founder Director

Mr. Timir Mukherjee brings with him a wide range of experiences in financial services and in investment management in the corporate sector. He oversees the Finance and Administration functions. Our friendly and trained mentors create a strong connection between home and school. Children learn naturally and spontaneously without pressure. Our digitally enabled and scientifically developed curriculum helps every child to achieve success. Our round-the-year orientation programmes for students and parents help students get through to the next level.”

director 1

Ashok Pareek

Independent Director, B. Com., FCS, MCSI

Having over 25 Years' experience of working with Corporates &Professional field in the areas of Investment Banking - Equity & Debt Capital Markets, Corporate Finance, M&A Advisory, Corporate Restructuring, Corporate & Securities Laws and Taxation. Was elected as Council Member of the ICSI (2011-14), as Member of Eastern India Regional Council (EIRC) of the ICSI for two consecutive terms (2004-2006 and 2007-2010), as Chairman of EIRC of the ICSI (2009) and has served as Chairman/Member of various Committees of the ICSI and EIRC of the ICSI. Associated with various Chambers of Commerce, Trade and Industry.

director 1

Dr. Suryanil Ghosh

Independent Director

Dr. Suryanil Ghosh is a serial entrepreneur, an entrepreneurship evangelist, an angel investor, a start-up mentor, a technocrat and an educator with about 23+ years of global experience. Dr. Ghosh has a Ph.D. in Computing Science from the University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada. He is a leader in the global IT industry and an educator in Management and Information Technology. As the Chief Mentor of TotalinX Group and through its start-up initiative TotalStart, Dr. Ghosh has gathered the requisite experience and knowledge base to mentor us which he has been doing since our inception.

director 1

Ajay Maniar

Nominee Director - Aavishkaar

He brings over 15 years of experience across rating agencies and banks. He started his career with Credit Analysis & Research Ltd. followed by stints with HDFC Bank and Citibank. During this period he has successfully served in diverse roles within the risk domain and has clocked up extensive experience in dealing with large, mid-size and small business units. He is a chemical engineer and holds a Masters Degree in Management Studies (MMS) from Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies (JBIMS), Mumbai.

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Mrs. Arunima Das

VP Academics

A passionate learner with the curiosity of a child. A Jill of all trades, a mistress of none.” - is how Ms Arunima Das describes herself. A lady of great energy, sense of humour and people skills, she envisions creating a learning space where every learner joyfully engages in hands-on activities to acquire knowledge and use it effectively. Her goal is to empower today’s learner with future-ready skill sets to become an achiever in a dynamic economy. Ms Das started her career as an English teacher when she was doing her undergraduate studies in English Honours from Jadavpur University. She went on to complete her Masters and B.Ed without giving up teaching.Over the past 23 years Ms Das has gathered rich experience with reputed educational institutions across training & development, administration, teaching and academic design.

director 1

Ms. Minakshi Tibrewal

VP Finance & Accounts

With the Proficiency in handling finance function entailing strategy, business plans, capital budgeting, Accounting, Taxation and MIS reporting, she is Ms Minakshi Tibrewal, FCA, and FCS by profession with over 15 years of extensive experience in finance & accounting in steel & Services industry. She has strong ability to make the tangible connection between business and its financial performance for effective decision making. Heading finance function involves determining financial objectives, designing & implementing systems, formulating policies & procedures to facilitate internal financial and process controls. Prior to this she was with R S Software India Ltd. managing the Finance, Accounts, Investments, Taxation, internal cost control system and compliance for entire organization.

director 1

Mr. Animesh Chakraborty

AGM - Business Development.

Dynamic & multi-tasking professional, with over 18 years of experience in successful rollout, management and turnaround of branches. In the past he managed the entire retail business for East as Territory Head at Networth Stock Broking Limited. (NSBL) He has also worked as Senior Business Development Manager (East) with UTI Securities Ltd and FRR Shares and Securities and Assistant Manager with Karvy Stock Broking Ltd.

director 1

Ms. Neha Jain

Company Secretary

She is an associate member of Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI). She is handling company receivable and expenditure of head office and centre level. She is also engaged in ROC and Accounting related matter. She also monitors the fund position of the company. She is having 4 years of experience in the field of accounting & ROC related work.

director 1

India's first rural-focused venture capital firm and a pioneer in Impact Investing provides capital to small to medium size enterprises (SMEs) in industries such as Agriculture health, education, energy and financial inclusion. Currently managing $150mn with four funds under its management.

director 1

A strong brand is invaluable as the battle for customers intensifies every day. It’s important to spend time in researching, defining and building brands. A strong brand attracts customers. Brand building is fundamental for marketing communication to succeed.
The branding prism of Little Laureates is supported by Brand Capital, a company owned by BCCL.

Little Laureates is the fastest growing digitally enabled self operated pre-school chain in Eastern India with 100 schools in the eastern region. Every Little Laureates school is a success story.Our focus is on spreading quality pre-school education not only in the cities but in the district towns and in the suburbs as well.

Year 2011 incorporation of the company

Year 2013
6 Schools

Year 2014
17 Schools

Year 2015
48 Schools

Year 2016
85 Schools

Year 2017
85 Schools

Year 2018
85 Schools




Each of our schools is built with love and care and it represents our dedication to the growth and well-being of your little heart. You are always welcome to experience the Little Laureates atmosphere at your nearest Little Laureates school. However, keeping your busy schedule in mind we take you on a visual tour of a standard Little Laureates school here for your convenience.


Each of our schools is built with love and care and it represents our dedication to the growth and well-being of your little heart. You are always welcome to experience the Little Laureates atmosphere at your nearest Little Laureates school. However, keeping your busy schedule in mind we take you on a visual tour of a standard Little Laureates school here for your convenience.

Events and Activities

Our curriculum includes a lot of fun-filled activities for your little one. While there is an array of daily activities, there also are a stream of special activities and events all the year round. Your child will love to participate in these activities and learn new new things each day. They will love their time at Little Laureates so much that they will crave to come back to school every day.


OUR Curriculum

Our pedagogy is influenced by the cultural, social and spiritual values we want to pass on to our children and it is underpinned by a strong theoretical and practical base. At Little Laureates we have branded our pedagogy ENRICH. We wish to enrich each and every child. Thus a child can develop to become a confident, powerful and a competent individual.







Our pedagogy is influenced by the cultural, social and spiritual values we want to pass on to our children and it is underpinned by a strong theoretical and practical base. At Little Laureates we have branded our pedagogy ENRICH. We wish to enrich each and every child. Thus a child can develop to become a confident, powerful and a competent individual.

All round development of your child

Physical and motor development

Cognitive development

Language development

Personality development

Social and emotional development

Creative development

Spiritual and moral development

Our curriculum inculcates the following 5 'C's in your child

Through activities like solving mazes, puzzles or matching letters and sounds we promote
Critical Thinking in your child.

Through Guided Group Activities like role play, puppet shows, field trips etc. your child's
Communication and Collaboration skills are cultivated. As a result they learn to express
themselves and work in teams.

Activities like sand and water play, dramatic plays, connect the dots, yoga, aerobics, etc.
improves the kid's Corporeal Connectivity or their motor skills.

We inspire the Creativity in your child through activities like clay modeling,
paper craft, collage, bubble printing, drawing, acting, dancing, singing, etc.

National and international important days and festivals are celebrated in our schools to
develop a sense of Cultural Consciousness in your little one.

Little Laureates sessions run from January to December. The curriculum is divided into the following levels.

Debut (for toddlers)

Little Laureates Debut is a specially designed programme for children aged 1year 2months onwards. The duration is 2hours every day, 5days a week. Debut aims to provide children with an opportunity to smoothly transit from home to school. The Debut curriculum consists of activities which promote physical well-being, health and movement skills. It encourages social and emotional development and fosters learning.It sharpens thinking abilities and inculcates general knowledge. It also helps develop communication and language skills.

Play Group

Little Laureates Play Group is for the age group of 1year 6months (in January of that particular year) to 2years 6months. The duration is 2hours 30minutes daily, 5days a week. The curriculum is executed through the ENRICH methodology emphasizing Circle Time, Story Time, Rhymes and Songs, Dance and Yoga, Digi-Class, Games and Puzzles. At this level, students learn the phonic sounds of letters, pattern writing, tracing, per-number concepts and numerals 1 to 10 and develop general awareness of their surroundings like family, flowers, animals, transport, etc. They also pick up social habits of sharing and are taught personal hygiene.


Little Laureates Nursery level is suitable for children aged between 2years 7months and 3years 6months. The duration is 3hours daily, 5days a week. The curriculum is designed with activities that make the students ready for high school. It consists of oral and written work in the fields of English, numbers and environment for all-round development of the children. They learn values, good habits and etiquette. Their development is observed closely and individual care is given to every child to help him/her develop fully.

Junior KG

Little Laureates Junior KG level is structured to gear up children for formal schooling. This level is meant for children aged between 3years 7months (in January) to 4years 6months of age. Through ENRICH, students are exposed to reading, writing, speaking fluent English, understanding and applying numerical skills. They participate actively in socio-cultural activities and are encouraged to think independently.

Senior KG

Little Laureates Senior KG level is designed for the children aged between 4years 7months (in January) and 5years 6months. The curriculum is framed in such a way, that it enables students to adjust confidently in Class 1 of any high school. The students learn complex sentences, they are introduced to cursive writing and learn about various aspects of their environment. They deal with larger numbers and try out simple additions and subtractions. Reading new words using the phonics method brings about rapid language development.



Little Laureates is the ideal choice for the beginning of your child's academic journey. Check out the facilities you get here

Why Us
  • A Multimedia room with a digital board that has an inbuilt software which allows interactive learning sessions
  • B Tailor-made syllabus promoting holistic development of the child
  • C Spacious infrastructure
  • D Child-friendly surroundings
  • E Attractive Montessori Apparatus
  • F Caring and friendly mentors
  • G Appropriate student-mentor ratio
  • H Mock interview sessions with kids and parents as a preparation for high school admission tests
  • I Frequent orientation programmes and parent related activities
  • J Mediclaim coverage for each and every student

Parent's experience

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I am very happy with the school management. My child has marked a tremendous improvement. The school teacher are very supportive and friendly. Each child is been taken a good care ,and help them to grow in a healthy and friendly atmosphere ... Neha Routh

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I think Parents are the first teacher and Teachers are the second parent for a kid. While I was having this in my mind while searching for a pre-school for my kid,I opted for Little Laureate. And my choice was right, my kid enjoys every bit of his first education life ... Biswajit Das

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Thanks to you and your well-equipped colleagues for gifting me the honour to be proud parents of our daughter Dishita Nandi. I congratulate you all for your win and the tedious efforts extended to cultivate scientifically the fragile brains... Wish and pray all success ahead for your well-directive endeavors and the researched process of developments... WISH YOU AND YOUR TEAM A VERY HAPPY NAVARATRI AND SHUVO DURGAPUJAR ANTORIK OVINANDAN ... Aniruddha Nandi

Enrolment is for preschool children aged 1.5 years old and they are with us till they are 5.5 years old. Applications for admission are accepted on a rolling basis until a class is fully enrolled. Admission forms are available at your nearest Little Laureates school or you can fill it up here. Prior to enrolment, if you feel like, you can visit your nearest centre for a demo class for 3 days.

Admission ENQUIRY Form

Interested in:

Requirement for Admissions

Admission form

One certified true copy of the child's Birth Certificate

10 passport size photographs of the child.

One certified true copy of the child’s vaccination card


Awards acknowledging our good work


Little Laureates has won "Brand of the Year 2018" at Brand Science 2018 & Excellence Awards 2018 organised by ASSOCHAM.


Early Child Playschool Chain (East Zone) in Indian Education Awards 2017 on 7th Feb 2017.

Team Excellence in Teaching & Engagement by ASSOCHAM, Transforming Lives through Education & Innovation & Education Excellence Award, 25th July, 2017.


Receiving the" Young Leaders Award, Educational Sector" at ASSOCHAM EXCELLENCE AWARDS 2016

The Best Early Child Playschool Chain (East) in Indian Education Congress and Awards 2016

“Emerging Digital Enabled Preschool Chain of the Year (Eastern India)” at the Education Excellence Awards 2016

“Excellence Awards by the "Institute of Economic Studies" 2016

Smart CEO in Start Up 50 Award 21st October 2016.


Little Laureates being honoured with the “Early Child Play School Chain - EAST” award given by The 5th Indian Education Awards 2015 on June 10th, 2015

Little Laureates honoured as the “Best Upcoming Digitally Enabled Preschool Chain in Kolkata” at the Education Excellence Awards 2015 organised by Brand Academy March 28th, 2015

  • 1 Expertise of running 100 self- operated pre- schools with an excellent track record
  • 2 The promoter is the Chairman of the School Education Council – Eastern region ASSOCHAM
  • 3 Universally accepted modern curriculum “ENRICH” for holistic development of the child
  • 4 Multimedia room with digital board & interactive software which allows interactive fun filled learning
  • 5 High growth rate & faster returns
  • 1 1200 – 1500 sq. ft. (min) floor area (ground floor) required for the school
  • 2 One time Initial investment of around 8-10 lacs. This investment would be towards ambience & equipments & will include franchisee fee..
  • 3 Ambition for quick success through dedication The support we give -
    1. Guidance/assistance for shaping the School infrastructure
    2. Training of teachers / mentors
    3. Overall support in Marketing, sales, operations & administration

Franchise application form

Personal Information
Education background
If yes
6lac to 7lac (Approx)
How soon you want to start this franchisee
How did you learn about Little Laureates preschool chain?
Kindly share any other thoughts / remarks you wish to share with us.


In our endeavour to reach quality preschool education to more and more kids, we are continually expanding our operations. More Little Laureates schools are in the pipeline and we need efficient candidates to join our team. Currently, we have the following vacancies. If you find yourself suitable, get in touch with us.

Job description
  • Developing and implementing lessons/work schemes
  • Providing a safe and stimulating environment that facilitates learning
  • Organizing and supervising play and work activities (for example reading, cooking, music,dancing etc.)
  • Monitoring and recording progress
Requisite Qualification & Experience
  • Graduate
  • 1-3 yrs. experience in teaching in preschool/high school.
  • Prior experience in preschool will be preferred.
Job description
  • Coordination with the HO for day to day activities/ maintaining all kinds of records/data of the school
  • Handling parent queries and attending to their specific needs
  • Strategizing activities to generate enquiries.
  • Responsible to make the centre profitable.
  • To take extra initiatives for generating enquiries.
  • To study the competitive market and do a survey of preschools at local catchment area.
  • Convincing parents to get their child enrolled in our school.
  • Total administrative work
Requisite Qualification & Experience
  • 2 to 4 yrs. of experience in sales in education industry/experience in preschool.
  • Candidates from preschool will be preferred.
  • Graduate
  • Computer literate

interested candidates can upload their CV in our website or

send their updated resumes to hr@littlelaureates.com / call 8584031756

Upload resume

Upload Resume

Franchise application form

Personal Information
Education background
If yes
6lac to 7lac (Approx)
How soon you want to start this franchisee
How did you learn about Little Laureates preschool chain?
Kindly share any other thoughts / remarks you wish to share with us.

Head Office

AB: 02, Salt Lake Sec: 01, Kolkata: 64
Contact No: 033-40030971/72 | Mail: info@littlelaureates.com

Call Now: +91-8420009170

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